The Great Divide

How can it be wrong?
Why is it not acceptable for an urban horse owner to break in a yearling and not a race horse trainer? Both horses are of the same age, both trussed up in rollers and side reins. Is it because they don’t have round pens, horse walkers, all weather gallops or letters after their names? The urban horses go on to be worked and they are defiantly bomb proof. After all when they are ridden in the city centres amid the traffic and dense populations surely their training is similar to that of police horse. Unlike the race horses, they get raced as 2 year olds? Putting immense pressure on the under developed anatomy. Yet when there is an accident or a young race horse breaks its leg, galloping with all its might to the finish line it’s acceptable? It’s sport? That is what they are bred for?
Above is just one dilemma I face on a daily basis, when a child prepares for a visit from me by getting his yearling all trussed up, being mouthed, roller and crupper fitted precisely, ever strap of leather safely and neatly put away in its keeper. A moment of confusion for me…….

How can I say, this horse is too young? When on every street corner there are bookies taking bets for horses of a similar age being raced to exhaustion.

Almost every sport channel or programme displaying the glamour and excitement of the race.
Is it that they are kept better? Is that the difference? Depends on the calibre of horse, its breeding, its trainer? They have turnout – In a grazing pod! Do white bandages enhance the five freedoms? Is the diameter of the grazing pod so different than the length of chain or rope that an urban horse is tethered on?

The great Divide – Welfare should be a horse thing not a class thing


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